Monday, June 25, 2007

Our cubicles

Friday, I had this idea to capture images cubicles of different individuals in my team. Turned out this was an interesting theme for a lot of my friends.

Here's the assortment of pics and an FAQ
Guy's Desk

Girl's Desk

Two guys desk

Manager's Desk

HR's Desk (Obviously a Girl)

After seeing these desk’s we can safely assume that a Girl’s desk has to HAVE A DOLL.

Question) Why is there a doll on every girl’s desk?
Answer) These dolls are used for different purposes – decorating, grooming, for play (when no one is looking).

Question) Why are guy’s desk so cluttered and girl’s desk so well decorated?
Answer) Guy’s are too busy at work to take care of their desks. On the other hand, the girls… Well what can I say, they are girls!!!.

Question) Is it true HR’s are all like this
Answer) Yes. Some are worse J

Question) What about the manager’s desk?
Answer) No comment.

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