Friday, June 1, 2007

GOD! Where are the Testers????

I've been searching for the last two days and I cannot find a single blogging ThoughtWorker who is a Tester. Does this mean there are no Testers from ThoughtWorks, who can blog really well? or guys, are you too busy?

All I find are great blogs from dev guys in TW, and then topics about ruby, rails, java, selenium nada nada.

What about Testing, Testers at ThoughtWorks, test automation, bugs.. where are all these topics from a TWer?


1 comment:

Andrew said...

Your right we are pretty lacking in our blogging.
Mostly too busy.
I will get around to it soon I am sure.
Kristan has just got back into it though

Andy Kemp (Thoughtworks Tester)