Thursday, May 31, 2007

A ThoughtWorker soon...

Counting the days before I will be a ThoughtWorker in Bangalore. I'm very excited and have a lot of expectations about the company. The problem is that I'm too excited and I've told everyone in my company.

I've had mixed reactions..

The frequent one
"Thought What? what is that"
"Oh OK! Is it a good company?"

Then I go ahead saying "Its a cool company, no cubicles, they have developed selenium, their employees are mentioned in their homepage blah blah"

Reaction. "Okay", "That's Nice", "Good Man".

Now I'm really unhappy and I go on to say its work environment is comparable to Google etc etc.But whats the use, they are too busy in their work and they don't care.

Some senior folks came across me,

"Heard you were leaving"

"Yeah, to ThoughtWorks" (proudly)

"Its a good Company"

"Yes Yes" (beaming)

These days, that's my typical day at work. Apart from that I like to read ThoughtWorkers blogs and then wonder why i don't see blogs from testers in ThoughtWorks.


Aroj said...

I guess TW is not as famous among the masses as a Infosys or Wipro, but I can see things changing..we are getting more and more media coverage gradually..the TW Master Class series held in Pune and Bangalore were a great success...

But that does not take away the fact that this is a really cool place to be in...

Aroj said...

Congratulations! And Welcome to ThoughtWorks...I am in the Pune office, but will be down in Bangalore for the Immerssion Programme next week...

Keshav Ram Narla said...


Which dates are you going to be in Bangalore? Maybe we can chat..

What is an immerssion program?