Wednesday, June 20, 2007

i'm lovin' it

That's what McDonalds says, and that's what I say, during this two months notice period in my current company. I'm trying to have a lot of fun - both inside office and outside. I absolutely have no work and my boss is so nice, he does not share the team's work load.

And so I'm havin' lot of fun, travelled a lot, doing new stuff and then searching for blogs.

I've tried to explore my photography skills with my mobile at the Office. see below

Top: 13 days 2 become a ThoughtWorker.
Left: A poster. Suresh had this bright idea to stick it on our cubicle.
Right: Cold Coffee?

Other things I did

  • Trip to Hyderabad for a week. Relaxed at home and then helped mom to shift house.

  • My childhood friend came over to stay for a week. We travelled to Nandi Hills and Sivanasamudra. Beautiful waterfalls and lakes to swim around in Sivanasamudra.

  • Took a bike trip with office guys to Nandi Hills. I got to ride an Enfield Thunderbird.

  • Started Horse Riding at Palace Grounds, Bangalore (My bottom is taking a good beating)

I loved driving the Honda City (My bro's car in Hyderabad) and the Thunderbird. I decided that my next car would be a Honda City and the next bike, an Enfield. No idea when I can afford them.

I do have more things planned in the next few days

  1. Learn diving.

  2. Create a Home Page.

  3. Learn Typing (!!)

And I hope to add more posts...

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