Sunday, May 4, 2008 Good communication channel

My feedback has been accepted and I'm now in communication with one of the founders of the website. He seems serious about solving this bug or oversight in their website. I'm satisfied with their feedback mechanism.

There is a feedback link called "Tell us what you think", the top right corner in the image. Unlike other e-commerce websites this works very well.

Now I don't know if this email exchanges will help me save the 8000/- cancellation charges. At the least future customers won't have to face the same problem. Lets see what happens.

Before I planned my vacation, I needed a good website for Airline bookings. Most of my colleagues suggested It was initially easy to use and relatively faster. also appears to have the best deals.

However, this cancellation incident has changed my entire perception. Anything less of an actual compensation or re-booking will not bring me back to In fact, I'm using their website as a search engine to find the lowest fares and then going to the airline websites to book my ticket.

For example:- I require a booking for Delhi-Leh for next week and shows that Air Deccan flight is the cheapest. So i'm going to book my ticket on AirDeccan website and the cost actually is 50/- more compared to cleartrip. But I would not want to take a risk.

On a side note, Jet airways has a shitty cancellation policy. The customer loses the entire basic fare in case of JetLite and 50% of basic fare for Jet Airways. AirDeccan cancellation policy is much better. Deccan also has an insurance option which could be very useful when you need your dates of travel to be flexible.

Lesson learnt : Read the cancellation details properly before you choose an airlines in India.

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