Saturday, May 3, 2008 Clearly You are Taken for a Trip

Here's what happened. I was looking at my itinerary and accidentally clicked cancel at the top of the page.

And guess what: the ticket actually got canceled without a confirmation, that was being really quick, not to mention helpful, I just lost 8K. I planned this booking with a friend from the US and he has almost fainted when the news was told to him.

I have done many bookings and in fact spent 60k in 2007 on flight travel alone. So I have booked on many websites. But this takes the cake.

Interestingly here's a quick email response (just like the quick cancellation), not to mention polite from one of the tech support guys. Lets see if the feedback was useful.

I noticed you recently left us some feedback:

"Here is what my colleague thinks Please understand that "simplicity" does not mean "stupidity""

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I had already left a comment on your colleague's blog requesting his help for the details of what happened. There is no link on our site that is capable of immediately canceling a booking.

If you can help us in finding out the details, it will help us in fixing the issue. Would appreciate any help from you or your colleague on the details.

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