Sunday, January 20, 2008

Office Images

The last time my bro was in the US, he came with an NFL football. I picked it up from my home in Hyderabad and brought it to Bangalore to show it off in the office.

So the ball was on my laptop and an Idea (creative?) came up. Took out my mobile , captured an image and copied it to the laptop through the infrared port

I call it the "mirror effect".

The next picture is quite interesting. The image shows Sidey explaining something. Can you guess what?

He was using matchsticks to create one of the maps in the game Halo (xbox) over a smoke. The best time to get information from this guy including work related topics is to catch him in the smoking zone.

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Chirag said...

I liked the rugby ball picture, you might be interested in this pool in Flickr.