Sunday, January 20, 2008

Another Friday Night in TWI Bangalore

Another Friday Night in TWI Bangalore

What did you expect? A bunch of people hunched over their laptops furiously working for their project?

Not really!

It was a fun night at the ex-pat party at the Taj. The client and I joined Hakan and Party boy (Deven). We came back to the office around midnight.

The usual weekend crowd was around – Sidu, Irfan, Shishir, Thanga, Amey and Palani.

I decided to hang around the office until my roommate lands in Bangalore at 1AM.

The Crazy rockers

Yeh tho Pathshaala hein

Pathshaala: Initially it was a slow start with Irfan playing on his electric guitar. Joined Sidu and Shishir as the spectators. Now shishir runs around and finds a guitar (He calls it acoustic..but whatever). Irfans tries to give some tips about guitar-ing, soon the music from U-tube goes more violent and loud.

Things appear to go out of hand. (Oh No)

Common room: The “rocker” geeks move to the common room, trying to outdo each other in finding the most violent rock music. Its horrible.

The Crazy Thanga

Thanga is a man on mission. The mission – Install all required software on his Mac and only then go home! He’s battling it out and (looks like his sleep won over)


Things were looking wild and crazy. But that was not the end. Something really scary happened. Palani started laughing! TWI Bangalore may be the only workplace in the world where you will hear a laugh as scary as Palani’s.

It is very hard to describe the sound.

But I can say this – The entire office reverberates with the sound.

In the virtual world

Meanwhile I find Sripad online from UK. All’s fine with the UAT at Brighton. We start chatting about the situation in office.

Its 3:30 AM and the guys start to disperse. Palani and Thanga are nowhere to be seen, they must be sleeping in one of the rooms. Sidu and Irfan take off. Shishir complains he’s hungry. We move to the cafĂ© ‘Java’ in DD, have a nice English breakfast and then head home.

The day ends at 5AM and the lights go off in my room. It was fun.

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Diptanu Gon Choudhury said...

Wow! Is Thoughtworks so much fun! I am joining in November :-)