Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Wireless internet for Desktop

Woohoo!! Right now my desktop has a USB dongle which connects through wireless to my D-Link wireless router. Don't we love it when you can spend Rs1100 ($22)  and get rid of a single cable. 

Some would say that is very expensive, but hey! my mom and sis dont have to jump over a cable everyday (The router was setup in the hall and the desktop was in my bedroom. The network cable was dragged across to my bedroom. Now don't ask why? It was installed while I was away)

We have used
USB Network Adapter : Netgear USB adapter Wireless-G WG111 802.11g - choose 802.11g over 802.11b for better speeds. This is almost an plug and play network device. Review

Update: Installation is done, but still buggy. Here

This comes with an installation CD. Installation is a 2 minute job - 
1)Insert CD.
2)Run wizard
3)Insert dongle into USB port
4)Windows will detect the device and wireless networks. select your wireless network. 
(Please note that wireless network should be available before this can be used,setup with  a wireless router like D-Link )

For those not sure about this deal. Check out the below image.

Now to buy a multi USB port device. My outdated desktop has only 2 usb slots..oh well!!


Giorgio said...
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Giorgio said...

A wireless nic costs €10.. less than a $22 usb wireless adapter and you don't have to use a usb port.

Anonymous said...


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