Thursday, April 10, 2008

Screensaver as a Reminder: Brilliant

My colleague Clair came up with this idea. Basically you setup your own reminder on the 3D screensaver of Windows XP and your screensaver is visible many times in a work day. This is even more useful if it's a laptop.

I think this is a great Idea, pity we can't enter more than 3-4 words as text.

Just edited screensaver note as " Leave Early TODAY!!" (Its 12 Midnight)

I've also just installed POstIt from 3M. It is supposed to be cool with even an option to setup an alarm for your notes on the desktop.

Problem> I keep getting ideas or TODOs while driving or in the shower and by the time I reach office, I forget!

Sol1> Hi Tech and very reliable solution. Using my Nokia 6233's Calendar feature

This takes all of 15-20 seconds to create a reminder with t9 dictionary enabled. Perfect thing to do at a red light or when the traffic halts.

Sol2> Rustic and simple. Using a card/paper and a pen to write the TODO, have these things around your seat when you are driving.

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